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Your regular candid photographs make wonderful portrait drawings - Sometimes people feel they need to have expensive studio photographs for me to create a quality pencil portrait gift, but I think some of the best pencil portraits I've done have been from regular snapshot photographs showing the child's more natural expressions.

If you have a photo that you like, but you don't like what's in the background, it's okay! I don't need to draw the background, unless you specifically ask.

Pencil portrait rates generally begin at $300 and go up, depending upon the number of subjects (people or pets) in the portrait, and your specific requirements. Most are between $300 and $1,000. (All amounts are in United States Dollars.)  Shipping and handling charge is $20 for USA residents, more for International shipping. 6% Sales Tax for Georgia residents.

baby pencil portrait drawing from photo

Toddlers and Babies
Toddler and newborn baby portraits drawn in graphite pencil from your photographs. Siblings can be drawn to show them at the same age (a fun way to show how alike they look!)  I also can create keepsake memorial portraits of babies for families suffering the death of a child.

pencil portrait drawing from picture photo

Women - Pencil portraits of women, drawn from photograph
Pencil portraits drawn from a photo are wonderful as fashion portraits or for personal gift giving, club (Woman of the Year) or in business use as corporate portraits.

pencil portrait girl drawn from photo

Boys and Girls
Pencil portraits of girls and pencil portraits of boys drawn from photographs. I have created so many of these, I have lost count. I really love drawing children. I can combine people from separate photographs together into an artwork - I can draw the whole family together, but I think an important thing to think about is that when the children are grown, they would each like their own portrait to keep, so by having them drawn separately, you don't have to make the decision about which of your children will inherit the piece. 

great dane dog colored pencil portrait

Animals and Pets
Pencil portraits can be drawn of your pet from a photo.
Dog portraits can be drawn in graphite pencil (classic black and white) or in colored pencil when available. Some of the dog breeds drawn have included Boston Terriers, Cocker SpanielsCollies, Dachshunds, Great DanesMiniature Pinschers, Pugs, Shelties, and more. If you have a dog breed that I don't have in my gallery, I'd love to talk to you so your dog can be included in my portfolio.
Cat portraits can be drawn black and white graphite pencil. Other types of beloved pets are welcome!
Portraits of your pet bird can also be commissioned. Here is a pencil portrait drawing of an American Bald Eagle

memorial pencil portrait man from photo

Memorial and Funeral Portraits
Memorial and remembrance portraits to honor the life of a loved one. I create keepsake memorial portraits of babies for families suffering the death of their child, or portraits in memory of adult people or beloved pets. Some customers have hired me to draw memorial portraits as sympathy gifts. 


Family Portraits
Pencil portrait drawings of families, drawn from photo. Family Groupings (separate photos can be used by artist to create a combined portrait). You can get a pencil portrait of a family. See also Mother and baby portraits. These make memorable gifts for Mother's Day and Grandparent's Day.


Celebrities & Personalities
Graphite pencil and colored pencil portraits of well known people such as Elvis Costello and Robin Williams ;An example in ink is this pointillism portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. 
Age regression by pencil portrait 
Artist can use person's current or earliest photographs to show the subject of the portrait as they might have looked at a younger age. (age regression pencil portraits are especially useful for those who have been adopted  or others who do not have any baby or childhood photos due to damage, loss, etc.)
Pencil portraits of men drawn based on photo. These are great for personal gift giving but also can be used for corporate portraits. Portraits can also be meaningful remembrance and keepsake items after the death of a loved one.
They're a special way to honor someone who is living too. You might want to see some portraits of famous men who have been drawn using graphite pencil (black and white), like General Zhukov, Elvis Costello, and Rowan Atkinson ('Mr. Bean'). 

wedding anniversary pencil portrait from picture

Couples - Anniversary - Engagement - Wedding
Pencil portraits of couples are great gifts for weddings and to celebrate your anniversary. Because they are of course drawn on paper, they are popular for first anniversary gifts. I have also drawn these for wedding engagement gifts. I've also drawn portraits that show married couples together as children, drawn from separate childhood photos.

imhotep pencil portrait illustration

Historical Illustrations
Black and white, colored pencil, or ink portrait illustrations of historical figures including Eleanor of Aquitaine , Empress Theodora , Joan of Arc , Johann Gutenberg , King Wenceslas , Martin Luther , Saint Patrick , Scribe Alcuin.
I have also created pencil drawings in a Western theme and Native American portraits. Symbology of ancient times like these Celtic knot drawings also become beautiful pencil artworks. I have also done pencil portraits of historical military figures like General Zhukov. Here is a pointillism 'hedcut' style portrait of Martin Luther King Jr.
Commercial Art
Art for Magazine Covers is available, and I am also able to do Art for Book Covers, Book Illustrations.


Pencil portraits of your home drawn from a photograph of your house. A real estate drawing or house portrait a great way to remember the old home place, an artistic record of where you have lived. Real estate professionals find them a memorable closing gift for their clients. Other portraits to view are these examples of Lighthouses, Floral, Nature
Religious Art
Christian art drawings and illustrations have included book covers portraying  Jesus walking on water.
Seasonal and holiday
It's unique to have an original piece of art just for your family's holiday greeting cards. Here is a Christmas Drawing for Greeting Card. You might want to commission a special design for your family or business greeting cards.

MLK Martin Luther King Jr portrait

Pen and Ink
I've decided to remove stipple and hedcut portraits from my offerings in order to concentrate on my love of pencil portraits. Pen and ink portrait examples include this one of Martin Luther King Jr. in the stipple - pointillism- 'hedcut' style of portraiture best known for their use by the Wall Street Journal newspaper. Click on either of these links for recommendations of hedcut artists,


ACEO (Art Cards Editions & Originals)
ACEOs are miniature works of art, generally 2.5" x 3" - about the size of a sports trading card. They are  great way  to collect original pieces of art without spending a fortune. From an artist's point of view, I really enjoy these, because they allow me the freedom to explore different styles and mediums.

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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