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Until further notice, I am unable to accept
color pencil portrait commissions.
Graphite pencil portraits (black and white) are always welcome. 

graphite pencil portrait great dane dog breed

Great Dane Pencil Portrait
Drawn for a gift
Graphite pencil - mechanical pencil
For this portrait, I worked from a color photograph of a great dane lying down on a plain wall-to-wall carpeted floor. I changed the floor to a more attractive tasselled pillow, and added some wood floor details. The pillow/dog bed and the floor are purely from my imagination. It enhanced the look of the portrait, gave it more of a formal portrait look.

great danes colored pencil portraits art

colored pencil portrait great dane dog breed

Double Great Dane Portrait
Colored Pencil
Commissioned Portrait
Drawn using separate photographs as art reference material

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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