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I have drawn for book covers, illustrated the interiors of books, and have also illustrated magazine covers.
If you are interested in working on a project with me, please contact me so I can learn more about your needs. Please be as specific as possible so I can give you an accurate estimate. Most of the time I can get back to you the same day with a quote.
Each project is quoted on an individual basis, and your project might not cost as much as you expect!  There is no obligation and your information will not be shared with anyone else.

pencil portraits middle ages book illustrations

Book cover illustrations, interior book illustrations (pencil portraits)
What Really Happened During the Middle Ages,
published by Bramley Books, October 2005.
Featured 8 pencil portraits: Eleanor of Aquitaine , Empress Theodora , Joan of Arc, Johann Gutenberg , King Wenceslas , Martin LutherSaint Patrick , and Scribe Alcuin . Cover design by Cathi Stevenson of

pencil portraits illustrations drawings book

Book cover illustrations, interior book illustrations (9 pencil portraits)
What Really Happened In Ancient Times,
to be published by Bramley Books, October 2006.
Featured pencil portraits of : Constantine, Cyrus, Daniel, Erastothenes, Eve, Gilgamesh, Johann Gutenberg, Imhotep, and Noah 
cover design by Cathi Stevenson of


I have done five covers for Art of Eloquence's
wonderful communication series. 
Original art was approx 20x24
and was created in colored pencil and pastels.
For the Know Your Audience cover, I used my daughters as models for 3 of the children figures, and Jesus and one of the child figures were drawn from my imagination.

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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