Newborn Baby Portraits Drawn in Pencil

The birth of a baby is an exciting time for any family...

A pencil portrait makes an impressive and cherished baby gift. Newborn baby portraits are wonderful to give as christening gifts, baptism / baptismal gifts, and adoption gifts.
Newborn baby portraits also make a wonderful gift from the new grandparents to parents, but also for new grandparents to receive a special portrait drawing of their newborn grandchild.
The pencil portraits are drawn based on photographs you provide of baby and are returned to you with the finished newborn baby portrait.
You may also be interested in my memorial / remembrance portraits of babies and my mother and baby portrait drawings.

Pencil Portraits of Newborn Babies and Toddlers

baby girl pencill portrait sketch gift

baby toddler pencil drawing from photo

Boy Pencil Portrait

Pencil Portrait of a Little Boy

This pencil portrait is of my own son. I was in the reference photo, but since I was holding him, you could only see the side and back of my head. But I really liked the way he looked! So I drew him and didn't draw myself. This goes to show that it doesn't matter what else is in your reference photos. I can just draw the good parts.

Graphite Pencil Newborn Baby Portrait by
Commission of a Sleeping Baby Girl

Newborn baby portrait of a sleeping baby girl

This beautiful baby girl was a joy to draw. I was able to get a lot of good detail in because the reference photo was very clear.

Comments on the Newborn Baby Portrait above:


You are an impressive artist...you made the angel so real...I don't know what to say...it is just...well, makes you just stare because it is as if you are there with this tender delicate peaceful little wonder...

C. Brand

This is beautiful....well done

J. Elliott

Oh so sweet, nice soft pencil work fitting for such a sweet image.....

T. Bullard

Superb artwork in every way

T. Walstra

Excellent pencil skills. You've captured this newborn baby's love and innocence.

J. Gulseren

This is absolutely breathtaking Darla. I know how hard it is to draw babies, and you have done it masterfully!

C. Dawson


Awww how precious is this??? What a gorgeous pencil drawing. You've got a great command of your pencil and you obviously put a lot of love into your work. Great job!!

L. Smith


Remarkable. Love the wispyness of the hair, it's perfect. the eyelashes, the little wrinkles, the nose, that little mouth. it's absolutely breathtaking. Would love to know how you did the hair. that is the part that is really impressing me. Well done Darla!

S. Renee

Commissioned Pencil Portrait
of a Newborn Baby Girl - 2004

Newborn baby girl portrait

This pencil portrait drawing is titled Brianna, Safe in Daddy's Hands. It is one of my favorites. I hope that Brianna will treasure it when she's grown up. She is very sweet.

Comments on the Baby Portrait above:
"A beautiful and touching piece!"

"Absolutely beautiful in composition and technique. Mostly beautiful for the subject. One of the nicest pencil I have seen. Congratulations on your very fine talent."

"Oh this is so beautiful, reminds me when my daughter was born premature and very tiny, excellent pencil work."

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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