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One of my portrait offerings are age regression portraits of adopted children. If you have adopted a child at an older age and do not have access to any pictures of your child at infancy or toddlerhood, you may desire to have a pencil portrait drawn of your child based on your present photographs, or photographs you have of your child at the youngest age possible.  If you were adopted and don't have any photographs of yourself in childhood, I can create an age-regression portrait based on your current photos.
I do my best to maintain your child's features yet also be true to what a baby or child would look like, given your child's unique facial features.
Please contact me for more information on this service.
"After finding her website, I met with Darla personally to see her work for myself. The work she does replicating actual photos of people and animals is amazing! However, we have no baby photos of our daughter, whom we adopted at the age of 10. Darla was able to use a current photo to see the facial features and make a wonderful color drawing of our daughter as a young child. Now there is a baby portrait of her on our wall just like our other children. What a blessing to our family! "
L.K. Oglesby., GA
"One mom posted on our list serv that she got her portrait back and that her son is so thrilled and keeps asking her if she thinks that's what he looks like; took it to school for show and tell day. I'm telling you, your work really is having and will have profound impact on our children to help them emotionally and also intellectually, to understand they have a past, which helps them immensely in accepting and embracing their present and
future. The lifelong value of your work cannot be underestimated, so again, I thank you so much for your contributions to our childrens' lives." V.B., California
It's important to mention that I am not a certified forensic artist. I do have some experience in interviewing witnesses and creating a police sketch. However, my drawings should be considered a "best guess" based on the photographs you have available for art reference. Please see Police Sketches if you are interested in forensic art and police sketches.

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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