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Unsubbed July 9 2006

Simmons, Kiara - One Faith
link no longer working Feb 23 2006

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Jones, Karin - Starbrite Cleaners
removed, unsubscribed 4/5/05
Kivett, Beth, Atlanta Metro Properties
Emails bouncing, seven reactivation requests sent.
Removed by moderator on 4/12/05

deleted 2-6-2006 messages bouncing back from the yahoo group.
message posted to group to alert/ask if anyone knows these ladies.
debbie was also listed under health wellness with juice plus
Real Estate - Flat Fee Listing Services

Frank, Cheryl - Lezgotravel 
unsubscribed 6/7/05
Fowler, Betty - PartyLite Gifts, Inc. Independent Consultant
unsubscribed on 6/29/05

emails bouncing from group 7/25/05
email to yahoo account said account deactivated.

      Over 30 different kinds of delicious cookies.  We sell by phone or over the internet to        individuals or businesses. 
unsubscribed 7/29/05 due to too many emails. I sent her instructions about how to rejoin and set her group settings to Daily Digest. 

Oakley, Joanna - EcoQuest Int'l
listing removed 9/2/05 due to unsubscription from list

unsubscribed Dec 05 2005

removed 1/17/06 after member unsubscribed

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