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To get listed on our site, you will need to be:
1) a resident of Gwinnett County GA (if you are very nearby, please email us to ask).  
2) a woman with a business, home business, or the desire to have your own business
3) an active member of our Yahoo Group for online networking. (after joining, your email messages must not bounce).
If you are neither of these, but would like to advertise on our site, please see Advertise With Us.
Join (membership is free)
If you have already joined the Women of Gwinnett Yahoo Group, then do not join again, but go directly to Step Two below.
(When you joined the Yahoo Group, an email was automatically
sent to you which explained how you could be listed on this site).
Give back - by LINKING the Women of Gwinnett networking group on your site or in your email signature lines.  Beginning May 1, 2006, we REQUIRE a reciprocal link to  If you have the type of site that's a replicated site like Mary Kay and you are unable to reciprocate a link, then you can link to in your Yahoo Profile or on your blog or email signature line. Some group members link to our site and group in all these ways and whenever they can, and it's VERY appreciated by everyone! You will also get your listing in bold and in vibrant color!
Email us -
Your Name:
Name of your Site:
URL (address of your website):
Phone Number you don't mind being listed online (optional)
Email Address you don't mind being listed online (optional)
Short Description: (There is no guarantee we will be able to use the description on the, as the group is growing fast, but it will help us know where to place your listing).
The location of your Reciprocal link to
AND THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT! Your listing will be added at the next update. Updates are done on a quarterly basis.Please understand that this website is donated and maintained by Darla Dixon at no cost to our group, so please be nice.

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