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Hi Darla,
My daughter and her husband opened the portrait alone Tuesday evening.  My heart was telling me I did the right thing by having the portrait done yet I felt sick to my stomach after giving it to her.  Awaiting her phone call was extremely difficult. 
Finally, the phone rang,  she said the portrait was perfect!  Since opening the portrait she says she can't stop looking at it.  I again thank you from the bottom of my heart, I truly believe that I was led to you.  Through you I was able to give my daughter an absolutely beautiful portrait of her precious babies. 
Knowing she does not have to look at the very sad hospital pictures when she wants to look at her babies is such a relief.  Your artistic gift has captured and preserved [children's names removed for privacy] with the honor and dignity they so deserve. 
I will never forget the difference you have made in our lives. I hope you continue to bless other families as you have ours.
In gratitude,

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I just want you to know that I got the portrait yesterday. Both my husband and I think the portrait is beautiful. Thank you so much for doing it.
It really means alot to us to have a picture of our babies looking very peaceful, without all the unfortunate bruising.
We can really see their individual features in the portrait.

Thanks again,

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"I just wanted to share with all of you the gorgeous Portrait drawing that was done of our son. I found this gal online, and knew right away that she had all the talent, compassion and skill to do a wonderful job.... And no doubt about it, she did such an incredible job!!!

I am so happy with her work, that I wanted to share her with all of you.... it turned out sooooo wonderful. "

Krysti, in an email to friends

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" I looked for a while off and on and it was difficult to find someone that I thought could bring out what I wanted in the picture....  
...If my house were on fire and there was just one thing that I could get from within the house and everything else was to burn, it would be this portrait without hesitation.  That is how precious this is to me and how thankful I am to you and the amazing talent that you have.

Therefore, you are more than welcome to use the portrait for your website in order for people to know that they can have
something as special as what you have given to me. "  -T.R. 

Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

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