ACEO Art Cards #10-18

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Modern Impressionist Miniature Original Artwork
#10 Tulips Oil Pastel Modern Impressionism

Charles Spenser Chaplin Portrait Silent Comedians
#13 Charlie Chaplin (3rd in Series of 3)

Jesse McCartney Pencil Portrait
#16 Jesse McCartney 2

Silent Comedian Series Harold Lloyd Portrait Art
#11 Harold Lloyd (1st in Series of 3)

Mary Pickford Miniature Portrait
#14 Mary Pickford

17 Girls Face Eyes Have It - Ink and Pastel Art
#17 The Eyes Have It

ACEO Dixon 12 Buster Keaton Portrait Art
#12 Buster Keaton (2nd in Series of 3)

Jesse Mc Cartney Miniature Portrait Indian Ink CP
#15 Jesse McCartney

18 Mermaid Mom and Baby Indian Ink Colored Pencil
#18 Mermaid Mother & Baby

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Darla Dixon, Artist

Darla Dixon Portrait Art & Illustration

All Artwork and Content Copyrighted - Darla Dixon, pencil drawing artist.

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