Free Drawing Lessons and Advice: How to draw a baby's fine hair


I've had several people looking for instruction on how to draw short hair -

All short hair is not the same. A baby's fine, wispy soft hair is very different from a grown man's short cut hair, so you need to keep what type of hair it is in mind when you draw. For example, a baby's scalp may possibly show through a baby's hair, because the hair is so thin, fine, and wispy.

Other than those difference, drawing short hair isn't much different from drawing longer hair. Draw what you see. Even short hair follows a direction.

Remember that the head isn't a flat surface - think of an egg and sphere shape. Hair grows in a circular pattern from the top of the head. Look for what direction the hair is flowing and try to replicate that.

Your lines will be shorter of course, but look for texture. Is the hair very slick, shiny? Or is the hair more coarse and dry? Make sure you use your erasers (as explained in a previous article) to create highlights. You may find that the ClickEraser (stick type eraser) will create the best effects in short hair.

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