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How To Start a Pencil Portrait Art Business I have written a series of informational pages on this topic because I often receive email from artists, asking how they can market their artwork more effectively. I love to hear from other artists and share information...

Promoting Your Pencil Portrait Art Online
With the Internet, there's a world of opportunity for artists to show what they do best! But where and how can you promote your art without spending a lot of money at membership sites? You don't have to pay a lot of money to see results. Here are some ideas on how to promote your art business online...

Art Promotion Materials
On this page, I give some advice for places to have printing done, why it's important for artists to have promotional materials, and some unique ways to use promotional and printed materials to bring attention to your art business...

How To Advertise Your Pencil Portrait Art Business Without (Much) Money
When you are starting out in your art business, you need customers and you don't have a lot of money to throw around. Here are some free or low cost ideas...

Dealing With Difficulties in your Pencil Portrait Business
We often identify with our art so when a customer criticizes it, it can be very hurtful. Work to separate your art from your feelings of worth. Take client criticisms of our art as an opportunity to improve your skills and grow as an artist.

What to Charge for Pencil Portraits - Determining Pencil Portrait Prices and Marketing your Pencil Portrait Art Business - What to charge for pencil portraits? This can vary by where you live, but here are some general prices...

Contact Management for Artists
This page is about how to maintain a contact system of your art clients, so you can send promotional mailings and do follow up. I have also included advice about how to organize your email account to maximize sales, and how to send art previews to clients, how to organize your computer files...

Affiliate Income Opportunities for Artists
Artists tend to think that the only way they can make money is by selling their art. Additional income can be earned through affiliate marketing.

Scams Targeting Artists - Avoid Being Victimized by Scams Aimed at Artists
I have been hearing about different versions of the 'Nigerian scam' and 'advance payment scam' that target artists...

Pencil Business Modules List
This is a complete listing of the pages I have created on Squidoo that have to do with art and/or pencil portrait drawing business.


How To Draw Hair or Animal Fur in Graphite Pencil - Tips from a professional pencil artist on how to draw realistic look of human hair or animal fur in pencil. This article assumes that you already have the basic form of the head and face in place, and just focuses on drawing hair.

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